Agenzia Uno

Events and Communication Management


1986: Event N°.1
as Turin’s first Event
Management agency.
With our one-of-a-kind
approach to strategic
three decades and
over 4500 events later,
we are still Agenzia Uno.

First in events. Since 1986.
As the first Public Relations and Event Management agency to open in Turin, with over three decades of experience, we can now say that Agenzia Uno is as unique as the events it creates.

From design to production, we conceptualize, organize, and manage events of all kinds: from international conferences and awards ceremonies to charity galas, concerts, and high-profile weddings, press events and product launches to art exhibitions and sporting or fashion shows, every Agenzia Uno event is made to measure, to impress.

Our secret? A unique combination of analytical precision and intuitive creativity. And while experience is key, it also takes a bullet-proof strategy and in-depth planning. Our mission? To transform ideas into relevant experiences that will not only be remembered but also generate outstanding business results.

This is what we do, but we don’t do it alone.
Thanks to our inhouse team of specialized professionals, as well as a wide-reaching network of service providers, Agenzia Uno can realize any project, anywhere in the world. Strategic, precise, but also authentic and direct, we work hard to achieve measurable, lasting results for our 300 loyal clients.

Because, when it comes to communication and event management, experience counts — it starts with Uno.


Singular experiences,
unforgettable moments.
Stories that make an impact.
As PR and marketing
experts, we curate
and organize events
around the world.

Event management services

Development & management of communication strategies

  • Public Relations activities
  • Strategic Communication consultancy

Production, Planning & Design

  • Event production
  • Art direction and design of the event
  • Graphic design and 3D renderings
  • Design
  • Production logistics
  • Scenography and installations

Logistics & Organizational Support

  • Mailing lists
  • Target profiling and segmentation
  • Web platforms
  • Landing pages
  • Online accreditations
  • Supplier and partner management
  • Coordination
  • Onboarding
  • Accommodation
  • Travel ticket office
  • Transfers
  • Talent management
  • State Ceremonial
  • Reception
  • Hosting service
  • Guided tours
  • Interpreting

Communication Services

  • Media relations
  • Press office
  • PR
  • Social media strategy
  • Media and web listening
  • Web marketing
  • Market trends
  • Influencer marketing
  • Crisis management
  • Digital PR
  • Social media marketing
  • Target audience
  • Competitor analysis
  • Cross media planning
  • Communications consulting
  • Press meetings

Event Types

Corporate & Professional

  • Congresses
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Budget presentations
  • Corporate events

Ceremonial & Institutional

  • Celebrations
  • Awards
  • Inaugurations
  • Official State Ceremonies

Cultural & Artistic

  • Premieres
  • Exhibitions
  • Installations
  • Concerts
  • Festivals

Entertainment & Fashion

  • Sporting events
  • Television
  • From the square
  • Shows
  • Fashion shows
  • Digital events


  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Celebrations
  • Anniversaries

Social & Charity

  • Galas
  • Annual dinners
  • Charity events

Promotional & Marketing

  • Road shows
  • Fairs
  • Product launches
  • Incentives
  • Teambuilding
  • Sponsorship
  • Co-branding
  • Crowdfunding


Every event tells a story
to be lived and remembered.
We work with institutions,
brands and private clients
to create experiences
that tell theirs. See what we
mean by unforgettable here.


  • 150th Anniversary Celebration of the Unification of Italy, presided over by President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano
  • Opening ceremony, celebrations and performance of the Opera “I Vespri Siciliani”
  • 450th Anniversary of the Compagnia di San Paolo
  • Master Campaigns for Newly graduated Talents of the Fondazione CRT
  • Celebration of 600 Years of the University and CRUI Conference, University beyond the Nations
  • Opening ceremony of the conference “Dal 900 al 2000, il futuro di Norberto Bobbio” presided over by President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano
  • Candidacy Evaluation Commission for the Turin 2006 Olympics - IOC
  • Award of Honorary Degrees to: Romano Prodi, Allegra Caracciolo Agnelli, Viviane Reding, Enzo Biagi, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Beppe Fenoglio, Antonino Zichichi, Carlo Rubbia, Riccardo Muti, Ugo Nespolo
  • Signing of the Constitution of the Celebration Promotion Committee for the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy
  • Aldo Milanese Forum
  • Inaugurations of the Academic year at the Politecnico di Torino
  • Inauguration of Porta Susa Underground Station in Turin
  • Inauguration of the new Faculty of Economics headquarters
  • Inaugurations of the Academic Years at the Università degli Studi di Torino
  • Italia 150, Italian Experience
  • Presidency of the Council of Ministers European Financing: fight against irregularities and fraud related to structural funds
  • Project Diderot for Fondazione CRT
  • Fourth Centenary of the establishment of the Pious Office - Conference “La società degli esclusi” presided over by the President of the Republic Oscar Luigi Scalfaro
  • Visit S.S. Dalai Lama
  • Visits by Presidents of the Republic: Sergio Mattarella, Giorgio Napolitano, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, Francesco Cossiga

Art & Culture

  • XXXVII EEC Stock Exchange Committee Assembly
  • 57th Venice International Film Festival
  • Friends Villa della Regina events
  • 20th Anniversary Celebration for the Art Museum
  • Contemporanea - Castello di Rivoli
  • Closing ceremony of the Italia 150 celebrations
  • Grapes in Town – The grape harvest in Turin
  • Concert “Christmas in Turin” with Cecilia Gasdia, Andrea Bocelli and Ruggero Raimondi
  • Oscar Mondadori Prize
  • T1 Torino Triennale Presentation conference
  • Tre Musei – La Sindrome di Pantagruel
  • Awarding of an Honorary Degree to the European Commissioner Viviane Reding Dante Ferretti for her work on the Statuario di Torino
  • Fabergé. The jeweler of the last Tsars
  • Festival and Awards Cavour Literary Prize Grinzane Cavour 2002-2008
  • Grinzane Cinema Festival 2003 - 2008
  • Cini Foundation, Venice
  • Hermés Autumn-Winter women's fashion show
  • Inauguration of the Grand Hotel Principi di Piemonte
  • Inauguration of Hermés Turin
  • Inauguration of the MAO Museo d’Arte Orientale
  • Inauguration of the Andrea Mantegna Palazzo Madama 2019 Exhibition
  • Inauguration of the Museo Nazionale del Cinema
  • Inauguration of Palazzo Madama
  • Inauguration of the Reggia Venaria Reale
  • Inauguration of the Teatro Carignano redevelopment
  • Thematic meetings, taste workshops, Eataly
  • Carol Rama's House opens to the City for press presentation
  • Inauguration MiTo Settembre Musica
  • Exhibition “Fashion in Italy, 150 years of elegance” Exhibition Buccellati
  • Dario Argento The Exhibit
  • Venice International Film Festival presentation of “Good night, and good luck”, by George Clooney
  • Steve McCurry/Icons Exhibition
  • Swatch exhibition - Traveling in Italy
  • Opening of the Italian Pavilion at the 52nd Edition of The Venice Biennale
  • Cabiria Museo Nazionale del Cinema 2016 Award to Alba Rohrwacher
  • Langhe Roero Award: 2016 edition to Paolo Sorrentino, 2017 edition to Valeria Golino, 2018 edition to Matteo Garrone, 2019 edition to Roberto Benigni
  • Hambury Literary Prize
  • Stella della Mole Award to Monica Bellucci for “The girl in the fountain”
  • Presentation of the Gallerie d'Italia: Turin-Milan-Naples
  • Presentation of the Opera Beato Angelico, Consulta Presentazione Polo Reale, Nuova Galleria Sabauda
  • First Festival Internazionale Scuole Arte e Design FISAD
  • Arte alle Corti Project
  • Piero Angela Television programme, Rai Uno – “Oceans, Climate, Man”
  • Screening of the restored film “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang, 1926
  • Music Salon, from 1996 to 2000
  • International Book Fair from 1990 to today Specchio dei Tempi – The thousand stories of Specchio dei Tempi
  • Specchio dei Tempi – Christmas Concert
  • Telt inauguration of the artistic installation and exhibition “Traifiori del Frejus”
  • TFF - Torino Film Festival from 2003 to today.
  • Torino Città del Cinema 2020
  • 20th Anniversary of Perestroika, First national performance of the opera “Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupéry
  • Vernissage of the new Museo Egizio in Turin


  • 50 years of the TI Lab: “Il futuro nasce dalla nostra storia”, Telecom Group
  • 30th anniversary of Italdesign
  • Opening of OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni
  • “Fare gli Italiani” Exhibition Banda Larga e Nuove Reti: linfa per un’Italia digitale with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
  • 60th Anniversary celebration of Saiag SpA, satellite video conference
  • Italia 150 Committee Presentation of candidature and event planning
  • National Congress of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts
  • FCA presentation of the new FIAT 500
  • General Electric - GE Day
  • Company of Saint Paul Day from 2013 to today.
  • Google Opening Future 2021
  • H&M Opening Turin and Press Presentation
  • Inauguration of the Anno Giudiziario T.A.R.
  • Inauguration of the Archivio di Stato XXIII
  • Inauguration and Annual Events Torino Outlet Village
  • Inauguration of Nuvola Lavazza
  • Italpress Gala dinner 2019
  • Febreze launch
  • Lavazza Legend 19
  • Lagrange Award ISI Foundation CRT Foundation, from 2008 to 2019
  • Lavazza Calendar Presentations
  • Comital-Cuki 40th Anniversary
  • Road-Show Interactive display case: Museo Egizio Project, Compagnia di San Paolo
  • “The Path of the Tigers” evening, La Rinascente
  • UniCredit Art Day 2007-2010
  • Venture Up 2020
  • Iveco Group


  • AIHH Geneva 7th Ordinary General Meeting
  • CFE International Conference 2019
  • International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldry Sciences
  • IGEL International Society for the Empirical Study conference of Literature and Media Conference of the European Board of National Archivists. EBNA
  • From the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Traveling exhibition: Porsche Design Freedom and Limits
  • Debate: a Europe without Old Walls and New Barriers with M. Gorbachev, H. Kohl and G. Andreotti
  • EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference
  • ESSE – 10th International Conference
  • UNAOC Forum 2013-2015
  • Foundations for Europe Global Concerns Global Practice, Brussels
  • Global Partnership for Disability and Development Forum
  • Inauguration of the Pininfarina Engineering Center with the Hon. Romano Prodi in attendance
  • Meeting with Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations
  • Meeting with J. Rifkin. The European Dreams
  • NBC, USA RadioTV Network - Guest management and reception, Top Clients and Governance at the 2006 Winter Olympics
  • Paris Photo – Inauguration and presentations of the Fair
  • Presentation of the new Vredestein Sportrac Giugiaro Design tyre, Holland
  • Visit of H.R.H. Prince Henry of Luxembourg and the Economic Commission to Italy
  • The World Political Forum – Towards a new civilization, with 52 Heads of State
  • Launch of Azimut Atlantic Challenger, and presentation of the transatlantic crossing by Record Blue Riband
  • Visit of S.E. Prof. Bamir Topi, President of the Republic of Albania, to Italy


  • 56th Italian Golf Open
  • 86th and 87th CSIO Piazza di Siena, Rome
  • ATRIUM reception management Città di Torino, before and after the Winter Olympics Giro d'Italia 2021
  • Golden Boy Prize Tuttosport, from 2018 to today.
  • IX Paralympic Winter Games, Turin 2006
  • Nitto ATP Finals Turin


Nothing outstanding
is created alone:
everything starts
with an idea (yours)
and experience (ours).
This is why the credit
goes to our clients –
Together, we are
so much more than Uno.


There are no standard
concepts in Agenzia Uno
– every project is made
to measure.
Trust us with your ideas
and let’s create something
extraordinary, together.

Via Sagliano Micca, 3
10121 — Turin — Italy
T +39 011 5627396